B.A.A.L.L. Retreats and Events


May 4-10, 2018 

5 Days, 6 nights to re-TREAT yourself. Connect,  Discover and Experience  the Tools to Find the Answers for your most Joyous Life. 

Join this special retreat of dynamic, heart-centered women as together we soak in the magic and healing of the blue zone on the Guanacaste Coast of Costa Rica. Costa Rican hospitality allows you to settle in to a quieter, calming, nourishing space to explore, reflect and recharge. Using the BAALL Process we will discover and honor our paths to continue to thrive and bloom in our daily lives!

  • Re-connect & discover what makes you Thrive

  • Empower your practice for profound impact

  • Find a more soulful connection for daily living

  • Ignite the joy in your work and home life

  • Acquire the tools to keep you thriving

    Learn More at Awaken to Joy with BAALL 



Breathe, Ask , Allow, Listen and Love

Join us as we begin to learn to tap into our inner voice and our greatest wisdom....our Intuition.

With fun interactive exercises we will begin to tune in to our body, ourselves and our intuition, giving us the insight and clarity for our lives.

  • Empower your decision making
  • Gain Clarity on direction
  • Dismantle what holds you back
  • Discover and Enhance your Intuitive Gifts
  • Strengthen your healing abilities
  • Connect with dynamic like-minded people

Join us to set new intentions and gain powerful insight into all our daily life choices through strengthening our inner compass, our intuition. Pamper your creative spirit as you replenish your body, mind and soul to improve and inspire your true self.

Together we will flow through the process of B.A.A.L.L. and put all of the pieces together. Through engaging, playful and interactive exercises, we will discover key steps to unlock our brilliance and have FUN. It is a PLAYSHOP after all.

PLAYSHOPS Schedule- Spring 2019

March 10, 2019

10 am to 12:30 pm at The Restoration Space

406 Delaware Avenue, Bethlehem, PA


The 6 Week Online BAALL Course 

Your Purposeful Path -

Learn More at  BAALLProcess.com  or  email Baallprocess@gmail.com to register



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Co Facilitator Monica Ramos  







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