Costa Rica Adventures 2015



We were blessed to be invited by the Harmony Healing Centre to share BAALL with the Healing Centre staff and therapists, as well as  the community. Our main intention was to inspire and equip those attending with tools and a process to take care of themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually, in order to be their fullest, brightest selves.  

The work at the Healing Centre kept us busy and continually inspired by the transformations that occurred. In addition to the group trainings our private sessions with individual staff members proved to add the extra insights needed for their growth. In addition, we had a mini Ki-Hara retreat during our stay, enhancing skill sets of Ki-Hara practitioners all the way from Canada and Texas.

The two community BAALL Playshops were great fun in moving through the BAALL process in a condensed 3 hour fashion each time. The first class, we explored the breath, along with Ki-Hara stretching exercises to get the body physically open. We did play a little, with a ball of course, then delved into ASK, having attendees create and set intentions. We learned to Allow and Listen for divine guidance, all from a place of Love. The second class we began again with Breath and Asked what our bodies needed. We delved into Allow and Love, uncovering discovering what we do and don’t allow and how fear can block us from Listening to our inner voice of wisdom. Everyone left with their own personal affirmations and hopefully a new way to stay connected to their path. We were both touched by the open hearts of those that attended and their willingness to play, share and grow.

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