How to Make Your "Work"out Play! - Excerpt from LV Style Magazine

By Susan Bianchi, MS Health & Wellness Coach

Change your "workout" into your PLAY! Get the benefits of cardiovascular fitness, strength, agility, and mobility all in 1 DYNAMIC SESSION!

It can be a fun, playful, challenging and creative way to move.  Instead of just running or walking outside on your regular route, look for opportunities to add different movements. Perhaps take a detour up some steps. Try using curbs as a balance beam or pass the park bench and add some push-ups. You can weave in and out of a line of trees, like a downhill skier, or take a trail and balance from rock to rock.  If you see a grassy slope or a log, get on all fours and make your way across. Seeing your environment as a playground with opportunities to move your entire body in diverse ways can add the physical and mental variety the body needs.  If you want to increase the challenge, disciplines like Freerunning and Parkour take this philosophy to a more acrobatic and dynamic level. All you need to do is step out your back door and have fun.

(Excerpt from my article in Lehigh Valley Style January 2014)