Flexibility Training Center at The Restoration Space


LOCATED at 406 Delaware Avenue, Bethlehem, PA map  610-751-9150

FTC is dedicated to improving your Flexibility utilizing groundbreaking modalities with individuals and athletes for over 18 years  

Whether it is utilizing Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching, Functional Training, Wellness Coaching or a blend of all, we give you the tools and the "freedom to move" forward in all aspects of your well-being.

Address chronic injuries and issues
Improve mobility, agility, flexiblity
Move better to train better
Address feeling Stuck and Stiff in your Body
Work towards your best health 
Move to Your Potential 


NFL, NHL, WTA, Olympic, Collegiate athletes, Spartan athletes and people not willing to settle for the status quo

Working One on One

Team Flexibility Training 

Professional Athlete  




 Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching and Flexibility

"Susan's expertise in stretching the body has kept me injury free for 8 years. She is phenomenal and because of her instruction and motivation I completed a half marathon!"  Linda V

"I suffered a sports related injury in lacrosse, pulling part of the bone and the attached muscle from my hip. When I was released to return to activity I found I was still unable to run or move comfortably. I tried every kind of therapy to return to my full strength but nothing worked. I came to Susan frustrated and pessimistic about my recovery. Susan did what no one else could and with each session I got stronger and stronger. Susan is remarkable and is the reason I am back to full activity and playing elite level lacrosse."  Adam S