Level 1 Ki-Hara Certification Tucson, AZ

When:  Fall, 2019

Thursday 12pm to 7pm, Friday 9 am to 4pm

Where: San Diego 


Level 1 is the foundation of Ki-Hara Work.  This course explains in lecture as well as practical work the effectiveness of eccentric stretching on tissue strenght, elasticity, recover and injury prevention.  Self stretches for the lower body are covered in depth with adaptations for various populations. Basic level of assisted stretching technique for the lower body are demonstrated and practiced in depth to understand and experience the dynamic power of the process. It is a very hands on course to learn the movements as well as body positioning for the practitioner.  The course concludes with a key problem solving formula to help you quickly and adeptly address your client or your own body’s issues.  No prior experience is necessary, just a desire to learn.

Level 1 Cost is $850 /$795 Early Registration    To hold your space -Deposit is $100

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