Flexibility Training Center at The Restoration Space

406 Delaware Avenue, Bethlehem, PA  map  

FTC is dedicated to improving your Flexibility utilizing groundbreaking modalities with individuals and athletes for over 18 years  

Whether it is utilizing Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching, Functional Training, Wellness Coaching or a blend of all, we give you the tools and the "freedom to move" forward in all aspects of your well-being.


Address chronic injuries and issues
Improve mobility, agility, flexiblity
Move better to train better
Address feeling Stuck and Stiff in your Body
Work towards your best health 
Move to Your Potential


For Teams we provide the critical flexibility tools and understanding for the athletes to optimize their physical skills and talents in time efficient, effective and powerful methods.  

Susan Bianchi also sees individual clients in North/Central New Jersey and New York City schedule permitting

Professional Stretch Therapy 


    • Athletic Performance
    • Golf, Tennis, Running, Lifting, Lacrosse, 
    • Human Performance



NFL, NHL, WTA, Olympic, Collegiate athletes, Spartan athletes and people not willing to settle for the status quo