September 14 Call

Notes on Call (some of the nuggets)

Omega 6 & Omega 3

  • ratio aim for 4:1 (most diets are 20:1  Omega 6's can be pro inflammatory
  • fatty wild caught fish for increasing omega 3's (I have mackeral n sardines in my cabinet- easy on budget and easy prep)

Supplements & Source (always tricky) - Standard Process is a high quality, organic, sustainable, around for 90 years

Key Vitamins

  • D - living in Northeast "you will be deficient" more important than just bone health, also acts as hormone effecting most every system
  • B - especially B12 as age we absorb less - key in dna, red blood cells, myelin sheath - memory, immune function, preature aging (found in meats -especially organ meats....aka liver)

"Souping" Book by Alison Velazquez - ideas for different combinations of ingredients to optimize health (ideal if you have a vitamix or bullet)