Some Resources and Nuggets:

  • Coursera Courses (Keep Learning - 1000s of Free online courses from top Universities across world )
    • Learning How to Learn - Dr. Barbara Oakley (Great at ANY age Moe and I just completed unknowingly)
    • Positive Psychology - Dr. Seligman U of Penn (great info in front end, just gets a little academia focused toward middle)
  • Insightful Positive Podcasts
    • The Good Life Project with Jonathan Fields
    • Unlocking Us with Brene Brown
  • Books on my nightstand right now
    • The Practice   by Seth Godin
    • Peak  by Anders Ericsson

Great Cookbook thank you Tally

  • Souping by Alison Velazquez - ideas for different combinations of ingredients to optimize health (ideal if you have a vitamix or bullet)


Info Packed Call
Body Slings- We get invaluable visuals to help you see and understand how the body works and what's in my head as to why I "make" you or rather challenge you to do the things we do. 
We discuss fascia, movement patterns, dysfunction, even bone health
A discussion on how our palate can change when we change our eating
Advantages of sprouted nuts
Also my favorite non dairy coconut milk yogurt..... best ever!!!  COCOJUNE
creamy, low sugar, cool flavors, in paper NOT plastic containers. YUM
Helpful Quick n Easy Pouches that are tasty and add new flavor and healthy spices to your dishes 

Bone Broth Benefits-

  • improve gut health help leaky gut
  • supports our immune health!!!
  • good source essential amino acids n collagen
  • minerals

Tips on how to make it and what to look for - DON'T THROW THE BONES AWAY!!

If don't want to make your own, what brands we like

***Helpful Sleep n Mental Nugget**** - Before going to sleep list 3 things that went well! Sets you up for good sleep and sets your mind and spirit on a positive path.

Brain Health Nuggets:
90 minutes max when brain is optimum, after that effectiveness slows down. Get up, move, take a mental break as you will be more effective
Sleep main time when brain clears toxins, waste and plaques - let's hone in on maximizing sleep quality
  • cool & dark (any light that touches body is giving signals to "wake up"
  • be more consistent and establish a prep for bed ritual (tea, turning of screens, music, lavendar etc)
  • Big yawn in evening is body releasing melatonin - stop and start winding down

Gut Health 90% of seratonin along with other neuro transmitters produced in the gut, healthy gut helps make for a healthy brain

September 14 Call

Notes on Call (some of the nuggets)

Omega 6 & Omega 3

  • ratio aim for 4:1 (most diets are 20:1  Omega 6's can be pro inflammatory
  • fatty wild caught fish for increasing omega 3's (I have mackeral n sardines in my cabinet- easy on budget and easy prep)

Supplements & Source (always tricky) - Standard Process is a high quality, organic, sustainable, around for 90 years

Key Vitamins

  • D - living in Northeast "you will be deficient" more important than just bone health, also acts as hormone effecting most every system
  • B - especially B12 as age we absorb less - key in dna, red blood cells, myelin sheath - memory, immune function, preature aging (found in meats -especially organ meats....aka liver)

"Souping" Book by Alison Velazquez - ideas for different combinations of ingredients to optimize health (ideal if you have a vitamix or bullet)


Today we covered a little variety, what a 1 on 1 session is like, resistance stretching with friend with parkinsons as well as how to find/create variety in menu with some simple tricks through ethnic flavor profiles.  Also, thanks to Nicole for sharing the deliciousness of a delicata squash and we shared a fun way to use/prep spaghetti squash.

Today we did a metabolic questionnaire to discover our body's basic food ratios. We discussed finding and fine tuning our macro nutrient, understanding what category we may fit into as a starting point and how to best optimize. What are the key signals in our body when we have balanced well or when we haven't.

Today a heartfelt discussion of fatigue, election fatigue, racism, leadership, motivation- tips to strengthen your personal integrity muscle  & ways to celebrate your success.
The motivation person's name I was referencing is Mel Robbins
WOW! All I can say is WOW! We not only cover some stretching and TCM questions but then dive a bit deeper for a meaningful, engaging and heartwarming discussion with these 2 inspiring women.
Thanks as always for the incredible women who are a part of this group!