Characteristics of An Intrinsic Athlete

Essential Nature, innate, motivated from withinA dynamic mover, wholehearted effort, character

Seeker of optimal health and well being
Continued desire to be dynamic in your body
A drive and desire to continue to grow, learn  and improve
It is sustained effort with a growth mindset
It is doing if for the sake of the sport, not the prize.
It is belief in who you can continue to become

Jackie O.

30yr old training for marathon, biweekly sessions to maintain healthy muscle balance and muscle recovery which eliminated previous chronic hip and back pain experienced during prior year’s marathon training

David D.

65yr old business owner, active adult, weekly sessions to keep his body flexible, moving well, thriving. A valued part of his personal wellness plan to keep feeling great, pro-active whole body care to prevent injury or limitations.

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Adam S.

18 yr old Lacrosse, addressed major muscle imbalances that kept him from playing, returning him to peak form as well as keeping him at his optimum throughout his HS career and beginning collegiate career 

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Raul O.

15 yr old Lacrosse, weekly,  chronic back injury, reestablishing and integrating hip stability and flexibility to help him move well, reduce pain, return to play and support through the season

Kelvin B.

NFL Player 31 yr old, weekly, in-season and preseason, improve recovery to optimize performance for game time, quickly address any on field injuries and improve overall performance

Janet J.

58 yr old lawyer, weekly sessions to maintain vibrancy and health.

Louise H.

64 yr old yoga enthusiast  active, vibrant and wishing to stay that way. Weekly sessions addressing too much flexibility vs strength to stabilize hips and back, improving balance, nutrition and overall well being

Julia S.

30 yr old executive, driving 30hrs/week, provide ongoing rebalance and flexibility of muscles to enable her to keep training, running and strong, outside of work

Varvara L.

31 yr professional tennis player, travel with and on tour, provide all warm up, recovery and address chronic and acute injuries on the spot, for performance on the court

Ryleigh T.

12 yr gymnast monthly- recovery to be able to continue to train at optimal level

Larry W.

62 yr old avid golfer, weekly sessions, optimize flexibility, address nagging aches and pains, improved swing speed and drive distance

Sue S.

54 yr old lawyer, power lifting athlete rediscovering her own physical potential, address imbalances caused from work life to be her best in her athlete life

Alan F.

NFL Probowler filled a void in normal muscle training during in and off season, for better strength and stability in every aspect of performance, as well as improved body recovery

Lorie F.

50 yr old, fit for life, biweekly sessions for overall health, addressing old injury patterns to keep her lifting, biking and out on the ski slopes.

Marco A.

31 yr old  race car driver, optimize recovery and flexibility for performance on and off the track


22 yr old, collegiate D1 High Jumper, multiple year Patriot League Champion, addressed high school injury while optimizing and fine tuning the body for peak performance throughout the season.