Flexibility • Performance • Athlete Recovery

Our body and mind reflect one another- if our body loses flexibility we begin to limit not only what we do and how we do it, but also how we think and what we can achieve.

For the professional athlete:

Optimal athletic performance hinges on recovery and flexibility. If you are looking for the comprehensive edge to enhance and optimize your potential, KRT Resistance stretching is unparalleled in its effectiveness. Susan has spent the past 20 years helping professional athletes recover faster, truly address flexibility, improve performance and extend careers. 


For the young athlete: 

This is the missing piece in addressing flexibility, strength and performance all in one. Conventional stretching will not address imbalances and growth spurts that can create tight or taught muscles. KRT Resistance stretching and Susan's 20 years of expertise helps you get back on the field faster.  She has helped countless young athletes to excel in their sport. Whether post injury, or improving your game, she is there to support you throughout your career.

For the business professional:

If you feel those tweaks, aches and pains, yet wish to keep doing or return to doing what you love; If you aren’t willing to settle for the myth that “it’s a part of aging,” working with Susan is a must. You will feel rejuvenated and energized having your whole body on track in new and better ways.

Road Running 5K Race

For the active individual, multisport athlete, crossfitter, yogi: 

It’s critical to be at your best, have a cutting edge therapy that keeps you in your prime with a therapist that knows and understands your unique body. Susan has the skills, knowledge and resources to truly optimize how you move, perform, recharge and recover.