Navigating Supplements with Local Experts

How to navigate supplements for your optimal health

Increasing awareness and desire for ways to address and improve health has grown the supplement world into a $33-billion industry. Choices once limited to vitamins and minerals have expanded to herbals, adaptogens, enzymes, pre and probiotics, powders and drinks in any host of combinations guaranteed to solve your issue. With so many supplement products on…

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Golf Flexibility and Eccentric Stretching: Improving Power in your golf swing

Increase Power in Your golf swing through Assisted Resistance Stretching

Why Regular Stretching Doesn’t Work and has your body putting the brakes on, losing power in your swing While you may not necessarily feel your body braking, if you aren’t making gains, having consistency, or hitting similar distances whether using a 7,8, or 9 iron, your brain may be putting the brakes on in your…

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Optimizing a Flexible, Fit and Healthy Brain

We mainly think of brain health in terms of ways to improve cognitive function but this central command center is integral to every function in the body. We often forget that the brain is an organ in the body that is highly affected and influenced by its surroundings. Looking at the brain through the lens…

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Tips to a Healthy Greener Home

by Susan Bianchi, MS, Health & Wellness Coach  Published as “Living Well” in the September 2022 edition of Lehigh Valley Style magazine. Many of us view health from the lens of what we eat and how much we exercise. The physical environment of our home is a key component that is often overlooked and can have…

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Fitness and Flexibility Myths Interview

Fitness and Flexibility Myths Interview with Intrinsic Health Systems’ Susan Bianchi, MS  What a treat to be on WDIY’s LV Discourse with Sally Handlon. Catch a glimpse into who I am and the driving force in my life. The desire to help unlock human potential and provide healing and growth, has guided my way to…

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How to Defy Aging at Any Age

Staying young and fighting Father Time may seem like a battle, but keeping up with these healthy practices through the decades will help slow down the clock. In Your 20s Start Eating Right The body is very forgiving when you are young, but now is the time to create good nutritional habits to set yourself…

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Build Your Immune System

Building your immunity is recognizing what compromises and what supports your body’s ability to fight off infection. Addressing those areas is paramount in truly creating more resilience, health and overall well being. Now is the time to take stock, dial in areas that need focused attention and take concerted action steps forward.  Inflammation The inflammatory…

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Intermittent Fasting?


Everything You Need to Know About The term “fasting” can conjure up ideas of deprivation, hunger and suffering that few wish to undertake; however, intermittent fasting methods offer a variety of forms that may seem less daunting. With the potential for better weight control and added health benefits, intermittent fasting might be worth some consideration.…

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Why Sleep Is Your Brain’s Best Friend


Quality sleep of seven to nine hours might seem like an elusive luxury to most, but getting good sleep could be more important in contributing to overall health than exercise and diet combined. Estimates of over 80 percent of Americans not getting enough sleep, and 60 million Americans suffering from sleep disorders, makes improving sleep…

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Less Is More

Minimalism and Zero-Waste Living Between the ability to have anything and everything delivered, social media overload and nonstop news cycles, it’s easy to get caught up and overrun with “stuff.” We live in a consumer-driven economy and a society where more things equates to more joy and happiness. But that model is showing cracks. Increasing…

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