Adam Salvaggio

"I suffered a sports related injury in lacrosse, pulling part of the bone and the attached muscle from my hip. When I was released to return to activity I found I was still unable to run or move comfortably. I tried every kind of therapy to return to my full strength but nothing worked. I came to Susan frustrated and pessimistic about my recovery. Susan did what no one else could and with each session I got stronger and stronger. Susan is remarkable and is the reason I am back to full activity and playing elite level lacrosse."

Adam Salvaggio
Colgate University Lacrosse

David Dyson

“I began seeing Susan in 2015 due to recurring calf pain from running. Her wholistic approach enabled me to see my pain was inter-related with other muscles. The unique bodywork/stretching techniques have enabled me to remain fully active at 68!”

David Dyson

Julia Schaffer

"Susan is a total stretching guru! She has gotten me back to 100% after dealing with a nagging injury for months. I wish I would have found her years ago...Finally found something that actually helps my muscle tightness and makes me feel good for more than just a couple days after treatment. If you’re struggling with consistent muscle tightness/soreness or a nagging injury I highly recommend checking out intrinsic health systems!!"

Julia Schaffer

"Susan's expertise in stretching the body has kept me injury free for 12 years. She is phenomenal and because of her instruction and motivation I completed a half marathon!"

Linda Ventola Cancer Survivor

"Working with Susan I feel more smooth and am able to get more strength and speed.  I am able to involve more of my muscles and my body reacts faster in my game."

Varvara Lepchenko
Professional Tennis Player

"Working with Susan added a whole other dynamic to my training regime that I had never even thought about before meeting her. It filled the void in my normal muscle training and really connected everything, giving me better strength and stability in everything I did. As well as taking away a lot of the aches that came with playing football in the NFL."

Alan Faneca NFL Hall of Fame Inductee,
9 time Pro Bowl Selection, key member of Pittsburgh Steeler's Super Bowl XL Championship

"Susan Bianchi is the best! I have tried several alternatives - surgery, chiropractic, physical therapy, and acupuncture to name a few. None have been as effective as flexibility training. After two years of pain and loss of mobility, I felt hopeless. But within a few visits, Susan had me back to exercising and moving with ease. The range of motion in my knee is drastically improved and my shoulder is healed! I am now enjoying many activities that I thought I would never do again."

Raya Pereira


"Resistance stretching with Susan is a life changing experience which can help with any isolated joint issue or injury but can also be a foundational health process as it has been for me for more than 10 years.   She is a true partner in physical and spiritual health!"

Janet Jackson, Esq

"The knowledge is unparalleled! Susan is amazing! She mashed and stretched my body and gave me amazing add-ons to my strength training for my next marathon cycle!!! I’ve been an athlete my entire life and after today I feel I learned so much about the mind-body connection! Five stars all around!!!"

Lucia Patrone