How To Get Started with Resistance Stretching

Assisted Resistance Stretching

One-On-One Work -in person

Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching is for you if you care deeply about your health, your body, and you want to be vital and energized for the long run.

Your flexibility matters!

Whether you are an elite athlete looking to optimize your performance and career, a high school or collegiate athlete getting to the next level or you simply want the best support in feeling great in your body to enable you to do the things you love to do, Ki-Hara Assisted Resistance Stretching one on one work is incomparable.

This is next level work in optimizing you.

Listening closely to how your unique body works, together we unlock what’s been causing chronic injuries, what may be holding you back and keys to your optimal health.

Dynamically we take tension and torque out, rebalance tissues, address underactive and faulty compensations and re-educate the muscles. In the process you gain critical understanding of your own body and are empowered in helping make you thrive.  (learn more- what to expect)

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Online Individual Coaching

Not in the Lehigh problem.

For ongoing support, to address particular issues, provide critical feedback and guidance in helping you improve your flexibility, strength, recovery and performance. Whether in the Lehigh Valley or beyond, we can support you.


Online Programs

Intrinsic Athlete whole body coaching program.

A comprehensive program that fills in the missing pieces to your active life.