Catch my Interview on WDIY

Fitness and Flexibility Interview with Intrinsic Health Systems’ Susan Bianchi, MS  What a treat to be on WDIY’s LV Discourse with Sally Handlon. Catch a glimpse into who I am and the driving force in my life. The desire to help unlock human potential and provide healing and growth, has guided my way to experiences…

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Intermittent Fasting?


Everything You Need to Know About The term “fasting” can conjure up ideas of deprivation, hunger and suffering that few wish to undertake; however, intermittent fasting methods offer a variety of forms that may seem less daunting. With the potential for better weight control and added health benefits, intermittent fasting might be worth some consideration.…

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Keeping Your Brain Flexible and Fit

Staying young and fit doesn’t apply only to our physical body, but our minds as well. Just as bodies can change, so can the brain. The term brain plasticity refers to the incredible ability the brain has in adapting and changing. Think of plasticity as flexibility, the greater the plasticity the brain has the better…

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