Assisted Resistance Stretching for Athletes 

Whole Body Health~ Flexible Strength Assisted Resistance. Take care of your whole health 

Flexibility • Performance • Recovery

Athletes and High Performers: 

Looking to get the edge? Assisted Resistance Stretching for the Athlete in you helps your body work at its peak, access all of its potential, recover faster. This is the missing piece. Eccentric Assisted Resistance Stretching is like no other flexibility training.

You demand a lot from your body and having it fire on all cylinders is essential. Resistance Stretching is unmatched in optimizing recovery, providing injury protection while maximizing your potential. We have been the innovators, educators and pioneers in Assisted Resistance Stretching for 20 years and bring this unparalleled experience to the Lehigh Valley. It is who we are and what we do! 

Set yourself apart. Be that step ahead.

Susan has worked with players and coaches in MLB, NFL, WTA, NBA, WNBA, NCAA D1

How flexible are you? 

by definition:  Adaptable to change, To bend without breaking, Withstand stress 

Resilience • well being

Hiking in California

Age Defiers use Assisted  Stretching for Athletes at every age:

Are you are unwilling to accept “aches and pains” as a part of aging or accept run of the mill methods?”

Are you tired of limiting what you do or just forgotten how good you can feel? Is your body holding you back?

If you wish to move with freedom not fear, thrive not survive, and believe in your body again....This is where you belong.

You are unique and this work is specifically tailored for you. It is designed to help you do, enjoy, embrace and excel in the activities, sports and life you love. It is NOT your conventional stretching.

Resistance stretching is like no other in turning back the clock in your body. Restore, Regenerate and Reimagine what is possible.  

This time like no other demands us to be flexible and resilient

“I’ve been privileged to work with professional athletes and high performers for the last 20 years. I have also worked with those with chronic injuries, illnesses, deconditioned and frustrated, who have lost trust and faith in their body.” 

Regardless of where you are on the spectrum, we develop an individualized approach to help you thrive.

Susan Bianchi, MS  coach, innovator, speaker, author, educator

Susan has been a pioneer and leading educator of Resistance Stretching for nearly 20 years bringing unparalleled experience to the Lehigh Valley

Intrinsic Athletes

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